Mr. JACKIE and Mr. TIENG. 




Enhanced Study Materials, Skillful Learning Methods, How to Remove iPhone IC’s by CNC Machine, Learn How to remove and fix CPU, Advanced & Updated Presentation and Practical Record Book.



  •  IC on logic board iPhone 6, 6s,7,8 and X.
  •  Block diagrams iPhone 6, 6s,7,8 and X.
  • How to measure system power and system CLk. Set to switch power on.
  • Error 9,14,16,27,29,47,48,4005,4013,4014,56,40 1-1 50 error 6,7.
  • The performance of the touch screen.
  • Oscilloscope to check malfunctions of the touch screen.
  • LCD the functioning of the system.
  • The work of Sensor rotating screen.
  • Function compass.
  • The performance of the Swiss Open.
  • The performance of the Swiss home.
  • The performance of the camera.
  • Rear camera.
  • The performance of the sensor to capture light.
  • Charging System.
  • System Wi-Fi.
  • The work of Swiss volume.
  •  The function of vibration.
  • The system of sim.
  • Working with the power of the signal.
  • The performance of the RF system.
  • The function of the Signal 2 3 4 G.
  • Check the operation of the signal.
  • The work of sensors.




Day One

Introduction to The Training Program.

Purpose and Importance of the Training Setting up goals and Motivation to achieve it, Preface to Training.

Day Two.

Expedite acquisition of the knowledge. Organize and facilitate learning and development. Abilities required for effective job performance. Methodology to handle the precision tools.

Day Three.

Refresh your knowledge, increase your capacity to adopt new technologies. and methods Get inspired of the theory classes.

Day Four.

Build your confidence. Introduce new knowledge, investments in the organization’s future tend to be contagious.

Day Five.

Exploring latest tools and its usages Practicing a professional approach to fix the issues.

Enhance your capacity to be a Proficient Technician. Be familiarize the usage of latest


Day Six.

Practical classes. Mastering the usage of advanced tools and techniques.

Day Seven.

Practical classes. Mastering the usage of advanced tools and techniques...

Day Eight.

Summary of Classroom, Training Evaluate program, Effectiveness Winding up, Training sessions Convocation and Feedback.